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"It takes a truly devoted and enthusiastic instructor to go above and beyond the minimal standards in an effort to see safe and competent gun owners in the community."

Jasco Philosophy

Professional firearms training like that provided by Jasco Defense Strategies LLC is the safest, smartest way to own and use firearms. Firearms training is so important that Jasco goes beyond the basics, even in our most basic classes. We want our students to leave our training with the skills and knowledge required to continue to improve on their own. Perfect practice makes perfect. Without learning proper, safe, and effective techniques of handling firearms, your practice will too often reinforce bad habits.

Our focus is on the proper use of firearms for self-defense. There is much more to self-defense and defense of your family than simply target shooting a couple times a year. Our training goes beyond the mechanics of using firearms and addresses awareness, state of mind, intent, and the decision making process should you find yourself in a potential lethal force situation.

Depending upon the class, we use a mix of classroom and live fire on the range in a way that is simple, effective and enjoyable. From one class to the next you will find new challenges to explore. We keep our class sizes small so that personalized attention is available as needed. We want every student to feel comfortable with firearms and to be competent at self-defense.

About Your Instructor

Dirk started shooting BB guns on his own at 9 years of age, hunting around his dad’s saw mill. His interest in shooting grew over the years and in the 1970s he purchased his first handgun. He began to build targets and create staged scenarios for local shooting ranges in the 1980s. He also began running defensive pistol shoots and helping people get into “action shooting” (as it was called then).

Dirk holds a black belt in American free-style martial arts, comprising six different forms of martial arts, and was active for 25 years. He learned skills necessary for self-defense (e.g., mindset, confidence, and awareness) that he now passes on to his students.

With 18 years of teaching experience he is well-versed in the most effective methods of firearms instruction. He has worked with students of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. He is NRA certified but developed his own, more comprehensive curriculum. Every one of his students can expect to be challenged in confidence and skill-building ways.

In recent years, he has been assisting law enforcement training by providing props, target systems, and scenarios, as well as reviewing safety issues during training. Dirk’s contribution has been a great asset to the departments. It reenergizes the police trainers who use him to keep training interesting for their officers.

Dirk is a member of IDPA, the NRA, and four different sportsmen’s clubs. He has been shooting three-gun matches for 10 years. His personal and contagious enthusiasm manifests itself in his teaching style.




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