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Firearms and Concealed Carry Training.

Looking for expert firearms training? Look no further!

Jasco Defense Strategies LLC offers firearms training. Whether you’re looking for instruction about your first gun, concealed carry permit instruction, or you’re already a highly skilled shooter, Jasco offers personalized classes and private instruction in Western Wisconsin.

  • Concealed carry license qualification in Wisconsin and Minnesota
  • Gun training from beginners to advanced shooters
  • Small classes and private firearms instruction
  • Women-only handgun self-defense classes offered
  • Learn from an experienced instructor

Professional firearms training is an essential element of all gun ownership. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t feel they could improve their skills by receiving professional firearms instruction. Jasco gives you an opportunity to learn and improve your self-defense skills or obtain concealed carry instruction under the watchful eye of an expert. You’ll avoid and eliminate bad habits, reinforce positive skills, and gain confidence.

Small classes and private instruction are part of Jasco’s self defense philosophy. The classes are small enough so you’ll feel like you’re taking private gun training lessons. Expect fast progress because of individualized coaching. You’ll get immediate feedback as you develop and refine your self-defense shooting skills.

Skill building is only half of what you’ll learn from Jasco. Equally important, you’ll learn safety and confidence. Practicing correct, safe firearms techniques builds confidence. Proper training and practice put you in a better position to respond appropriately in the event of a real and stressful emergency.

Jasco in Wisconsin provides opportunities to acquire basic firearms knowledge, awareness, skills and responsibilities. Remember - Jasco in Wisconsin - self-defense and concealed carry gun training for those who want to improve their firearms skills.



"This class is what every person desiring a concealed carry permit must have for training."




"I would highly recommend your handgun course and I look forward to more classes."




"Very well done; exceeded my expectations. Professional and informative."



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